I miss you!

I know it’s been pretty quiet on my blog the last few weeks (or should I say months?)… I expect it won’t get any more crowded soon, unfortunately. I’m pretty occupied with graduating and it won’t get more quiet in my life until the end of May because of that. And then there’s all the other stuff floating through my mind ^^ But I really want to graduate and receive my master’s degree, so WordPress has to wait for now…

I really miss all you guys and I miss reading all your wonderful posts! =( I also miss writing a lot! But I just don’t have any spare time to write down anything, let alone think about something to write about… So I’ll try to do an occasional short post in the upcoming weeks, but I can’t promise anything since graduating is my #1 priority right now.

I wish you all the best and please don’t stop writing your amazing stories, poems or journals because of me. I will catch up this summer when all the graduation fuzz is over ;)

~ All the best!


11 thoughts on “I miss you!

  1. You are missed, too, Iris, but working on graduating with your Master’s is Big! Congratulations in advance! I wish you all the best and return when you have time! Enjoy this great accomplishment! xxx


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