Catchin’ up, writing, busyness, and other stuff

It’s been quite a while since my last post, and to be honest, I really didn’t write anything new since the last one. I’ve been quite busy studying and doing other stuff ^^ I’m far behind on reading all your amazing posts as well, so I have to catch up soon ;) (Which I will – of course!) 

I’ve tried to write new poems or short stories, but the words just wouldn’t come even though my mind is extremely full with all kinds of thoughts and emotions. I’m still struggling with the friendship although I’m close to a “solution” now… I think… I’m heading towards a new phase in my life, which causes me lots of stress, but also accounts for beautiful memories being made. I’ve also been having (minor) infections in the muscles in my sides for two weeks now, which causes quite some pain because it often feels like someone is continuously poking my sides with major force. But I’ll be fine, I suppose. I’ve had these infections before and it – unfortunately – took over a month to heal, but the pain is less than the first weeks, so I guess it’s healing already (slowly but surely, I hope!).

So, when I find the time, I will catch up reading all your wonderful poems, stories, and whatever more you posted or will post, because I really don’t want to miss a thing! =) For now I think I’ll focus on studying and dealing with the pain, and I might write something eventually to share with you ;)

You will not get rid of me so easily ^^




6 thoughts on “Catchin’ up, writing, busyness, and other stuff

  1. It’s nice to hear from you and just take care of yourself and I hope the pain dissipates very soon, too! Don’t worry about catching up on posts; I think it’s impossible, but I’ll look forward to your return whenever you’re ready! xx


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