Help Me Fight…

I wrote this poem a few days ago. I was hesitant to post it then, but now I want to share it with you anyway –  share my feelings…

I guess my previous poem was written as encouragement for myself as well… ^^


All the world is coming down

All its weight upon me

It’s crushing me, buried alive

All I want is to be free


I see no clear solutions

My world keeps spinning ‘round

I wish I would feel better

See the sun behind the clouds


Which way do I have to go

Which path will make me free

From all the pain and sorrow inside

From all this misery?


Oh I know you will be there

To help me fight my fears

But all around me, it’s so dark

I cannot even fight my tears


I wish I could be happy

See the joy in every day

But I can’t live my life in all this mess

With all this trouble in my way


So help me find a reason

For going on, standing strong

Cause I can’t fight these feelings

Why did it have to go so wrong?


There must be some light out there

Even though I can’t see it now

I can’t live in the dark forever

I have to break free somehow


Help me fight these feelings

Lead me into the light

Make my moments joyful

Help me fight this fight


6 thoughts on “Help Me Fight…

  1. You are right, “You cannot live in the dark forever, you have to break free”…Stay strong and life isn’t always pain. You will see the rainbow and its beautiful hue one day. Here’s a tight huge *hug* to you.


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