Heart’s crime?

This is a poem from over 4 years ago. But I just stumbled upon it, while browsing through ‘my collection’ ^^ I’m not entirely happy about the last sentence of the poem (the form, that is, not the words), but I didn’t want to change it either. So here it is, exactly the same as when I wrote it ^^ It’s about a time when I was sort of getting over a crush who didn’t return my feelings, and at the same time I started to fall in love with someone else. I realised I had actually left the crush behind already and was moving on to a new chapter in my life. This poem expresses the doubt in my mind, but at the same time the wonderful feelings I experienced ^^

Feel free to like, dislike, comment, or criticise! =)


A dark and lonely night

Makes me realise

That the feelings that I have

Aren’t to be disguised


The same dream’s coming back

Over and over again

If I surrender to my feelings

What will happen then?


Will everything be all right?

Or will it go completely wrong?

Are you the one who stole my heart?

Are you the place I belong?


Is my heart on two places

all at the same time?

Or is the first love over

And is this the second instead of a crime?


(May 2009)


16 thoughts on “Heart’s crime?

  1. I liked it…..when I was younger I think I must have written a dozen or so stories that started out with ‘a dark and lonely night’ or ‘it was a dark and stormy night’….I was very influenced by Snoopy ;)


  2. One’s drafts, like wine, often require aging. Come back to them years later and maybe you see the necessary changes. Or maybe you take a sip and realize it’s primo, with or without the rest of the meal.


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