Cold misty morn’

Cold misty morn’

Sun trying to

Shine  through the fog


Cold misty morn’

Blue skies await

Deceiving my eyes


This morning I couldn’t even look outside when I opened the curtains. My window was covered in dew ^^ Now that it’s slowly becoming a window again, I can see a blue sky and the sun trying its best to shine. So it seems all nice outside ^^ But the temperature app on my computer tells me it’s only 5 ºC, so I think I won’t like going outside in half an hour… I’ll sure have to put on my warm wintercoat, and some gloves to protect my hands. But hey, I’ll survive. It’s not even snowing here yet ^^


11 thoughts on “Cold misty morn’

  1. Besides my new quest to figure out which of the many, many Irisses you are – could you perhaps try and write more…. uplifting stuff? I’ve been reading through quite a lot of your stuff now, and every time it’s….about something missing. Some kind of melancholy, always a ‘but not quite’ feeling to your stuff. Even this short one on the weather. Lighten up! Please?


    • I know some of my writings aren’t really uplifting, but most of them start out somewhat sad, but have a happy thought/part at the end of it. But I’ll try to write some uplifting pieces then, although I’m not sure if it works out, because this is probably my style… ^^


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