So many reasons to throw a party ^^

First I want to thank all the great people that follow my blog, admire my work, and give me advice =) Without you guys, I wouldn’t have stayed around on WordPress ^^

Today marks the day that I have been blogging for six months exactly. It might seem like a very short time, but for me these six months have changed a lot! I’m happy to have finally found a place where I can put up my poems and stories (and various other rambles) without being judged or having to step into the light. I like being quite anonymous, and I think it will remain this way for a while… ^^

Next to being on WP for six months now, this is also my 50th post here. So there’s another thing to celebrate ^^ But wait, there’s more! This morning, I also got an e-mail that I had a new follower. Not that special you’d think, but this person is my 100th follower, which makes me very happy and thankful! =)

So, having reached these three little milestones makes me a thankful person and gives me a reason to throw a little party by myself ^^ Thank you so much, my dear WP-family. for being there! I hope to be around for many more months to come!


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