Rainy days

After giving me two extremely silly sentences, bardictale decided to give me a sentence that is slightly more normal yesterday, namely:

“It’s been raining for two years now.”

Yes, I said ‘slightly’ ^^ Well, I started writing and this is what came out of it. I’m still trying to combine the two silly sentences in one crazy story, but that’s not much of a story yet. So just wait for that ^^ For now, there is this (very) short story. If you still want to challenge me by giving me a sentence, don’t hesitate to do so! ;)

Feel free to like, dislike, comment, or criticise! =)


It’s been raining for two years now. Well, at least that’s what it feels like. Every single moment she is looking outside, there this annoying drizzle or this massive downpour. It never seems to be dry outside. All she can do is stay inside and try to entertain herself, but that is getting harder each day. She can’t keep on reading books, or listen to the same music over and over again. Of course there’s her computer with a never-ending resource of  information, but even that is getting boring after a while. She has managed to stay inside for fourteen days in a row – the advantages of working at home – but now she’s running out of food and drinks as well. So she has to go the supermarket someday…

Tess sighs. She really doesn’t want to go outside, where it’s cold and dreary and raining… But she can’t survive forever in here. She just has to go. Well, not necessarily today. There’s still some pasta left, and she still has a few tomatoes to make some sort of pasta sauce. There’s only one bottle of juice left, but she can always turn to water straight from the tap. She can wait one more day, maybe it will finally stop raining tomorrow.

Maybe… Tess sighs again. Maybe…


4 thoughts on “Rainy days

    • Sentences that need a lot of imagination and creativity to be incorporated into a story. Nothing negative ^^

      Thanks! I think I would also try to stay inside as long as possible. Probably work on some stories or poems, chat with friends via Skype, watch TV, read books… But I think I would get bored as well after such a long time of rain and not getting outside. Maybe I would even be as crazy to go dance in the rain or make a long walk under the protection of an umbrella (if it’s just a drizzle)… I don’t know ^^

      What would you do? ^^


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