Facebook, absent Muses, and more…

About a month ago, I made a Facebook page to go with my blog… I just wanted to give it a try. But after a month I had only acquired two likes and no other activity. So I’ve just deleted the page again and will be focussing on the blog here only. It just didn’t work apparently… ;) So don’t go searching for it, because it isn’t there anymore. All my work will be here on WordPress only ^^ 

My Muse had some sort of a return, but not for long… I wrote the poem “Return My Words” some time ago, but since then it has been quiet again (I’m sorry…) I want to write, but no matter how long I stare at an empty sheet of paper of the blinking cursor on my computer screen, nothing will come. I keep trying and hope the inspiration will strike me again. But for now, this is it… I’ll be diving into my archive again to see if there’s anything worth sharing ^^

LLFF is still on hold as well… I haven’t restarted the editing work and I’m not sure when I will. But there’s still something inside me that wants to finish it, so I’m definitely not giving up! It’s just that I keep postponing and postponing and postponing… ^^

I’m also far behind on reading all your wonderful blogs, but I will catch up soon. I really missed it, so expect a visit from me soon! =)

I’ll be back ~


18 thoughts on “Facebook, absent Muses, and more…

  1. I’m sorry I missed you on fb, Iris, I would have been there. I’m there with a fun fb and also for my poetry page..it’s a lot, but I can’t seem to give it up right now! :) Anyway, your muse will return, I have no doubt and either just relax and do something else or try sitting down and just type or write anything that comes to mind. Or, find a phrase in a book, write it down and try to continue off of that! Just some ideas…hope you have a great Tuesday! xx


    • It doesn’t matter, Lauren. It was just a try-out ;)
      Thank you for your kind words and your advice. Working from an inspiring quote might actually work. I’m gonna try that! Hope you have a great day as well ^^ Xx


  2. That’s how I wound up on WP the whole FB thing tanked big time. Some really good writers on there but they don’t stay long. Way to much infighting and flat out stealing of others work. Now I only post to my personal page and on here. Your muse will come back just hang in there :)


  3. welcome back – I am afraid I do not do the facebook thing – if i did i would have followed you;) nice to have you return and do not worry,. i am certain your muse will return, as well. :)


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