Was it ever love at all?

On the 19th of November, Jamie gave me the following sentence:

“She was a woman who loved with her ears, yet he was a man who loved with his eyes… Was it ever love at all?”

I’ve tried coming up with something for a few days, but all that remained were these few sentences. Continue reading


Waiting for a dream

In my previous post, I challenged you to challenge me ^^ I’ve now finished my first short story with one of the sentences. On the 20th of November, Kimberly gave me the following sentence (check out her blog here!):

No matter where I go or what I do, I can feel him next to me.”

This is what came out of it. Feel free to like, dislike, comment, or criticise! =)

PS. If you still want to challenge me by giving me a sentence, don’t hesitate!


No matter where I go or what I do, I can feel him next to me. I feel him through the warmth of the sun and through the cold of the blazing wind. He is with me through the friendly voice of the man on the radio and through the sharp bark of the dog next door. I see him in a beautiful sunset and in an autumnal downpour. I feel him when I go to the supermarket or to the gym. He is with me when I talk to friends or type away on my laptop. I see him in the film I watch or the book I read on the couch. No matter where I go or what I do, he is right there next to me. Continue reading

Challenge my creativity!

It’s been a while since I wrote any short stories. It’s not that I don’t want to, but I think my inspiration needs to be challenged (a little ^^). So here’s my request to you: Give me a sentence (A-NY-THING!) and I’ll try to embed it in a story. I’ve done this before (see my older posts: Jar Full of Hope, Beautiful Blue, and Gone, to Never Return Again) and I really like a challenge once in a while.

So bring it on!  I’m waiting for you!


Waiting for you


Lonesome Continue reading

In the safety of the shadows

I guess she’s really really back! Here’s another poem ^^

Feel free to like, dislike, comment, or criticise! =)


Fear of showing

Fear of knowing

Fear of stepping in the light Continue reading

Should I… (yes, she’s back!)

This poem might sound just as mysterious to you as it does to me. But I’m way too happy to be writing again! =) I couldn’t sleep and words started flying through my head. Although I first thought it was nothing special, I just had to write them down. And this is what came out eventually… Let me know what you think of it!

Feel free to like, dislike, criticise, or comment! =)


Should I be

What I don’t want to be

What I don’t need to be

What I could…? Continue reading

Facebook, absent Muses, and more…

About a month ago, I made a Facebook page to go with my blog… I just wanted to give it a try. But after a month I had only acquired two likes and no other activity. So I’ve just deleted the page again and will be focussing on the blog here only. It just didn’t work apparently… ;) So don’t go searching for it, because it isn’t there anymore. All my work will be here on WordPress only ^^  Continue reading