Never give up

I think I need to find me a new Muse ^^ For now, another oldie…

Feel free to like, dislike, comment, or criticise! =)


Hang on

When life is fading away

No place you could stay

Everything goes wrong


Hang on

When you face your sorrow

Afraid of tomorrow

Not feeling strong


Take my hand

When you’re falling down

I won’t let you down

Together we’ll stand


Take my hand

When the road gets tough

I’ll lead you with my love

Help you as a friend


Never give up

When storms in life are raging

I’ll be there to carry you


(May 2009)


16 thoughts on “Never give up

  1. This is fantastic work :-) – thanks for sharing! – as for the muse – perhaps just let it go, I am sure it will come back in its own time – I think the saying is something like, the more you seek, the less you will find… Cheers J


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