Muse, where art thou?

Since my Muse seems to have left me a long time ago, and I haven’t written any new poems, I’m planning on posting some older ones. Most of them have been kept hidden from the outside world, so in that case they’re actually new ^^ I hope my Muse returns soon so I can post new poems for you to read, and continue the editing and rewriting work on LLFF… But for now, this is it ;)

Below, you’ll find some haikus I wrote a few years ago (in 2009).
Feel free to like, dislike, comment, or criticise! =)


Colourful flowers

The sun is burning my face

Meaningless dreaming


Wonderful life

Never want to know

The end of this beginning

Don’t leave me alone


Full of angry thoughts

I am thinking of that day

Wherefore all the pain?


Alone in the dark

My thoughts drift away to you

Please return your love



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