I wrote this poem many many years ago. It’s a weird, funny poem full of exaggeration.

Feel free to like, dislike, comment or criticise! =)



I’m feeling so extremely well

In ways I cannot possibly tell

I could sing all day long

It is true, don’t get me wrong

Everything is going right

I like to be awake all night

Nothing’s gonna stop me this time

I’m gonna be completely fine

The whole world’s going to hear my voice

When I’m shouting out my choice

Never, never back to school

Always doing what I want to do

I’m the best in every way

And everybody will obey

No one tells me what to do

I’m the one who’s listened to

If you think that you can change

The way that I will rearrange

All the normal, usual things

Then know that it won’t help a thing

‘Cause I’m the one that rules as king!


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