All I do or say seems wrong

Nothing can be rightly done

I feel like I am left alone

Sitting here all on my own


When I am close, he seems so far

As if I’m looking at a star

My words won’t reach his wand’ring mind

They wash away with the tide


Is this getting out of hand?

Does this mean it is the end?

I’m not sure what to do now

Should I cry or scream out loud?


He does not seem to see my pain

To him it all just feels the same

How do I know that he still cares?

Is this just one of my nightmares?


I don’t want to be alone

Not without him, on my own

He makes me feel complete, alive

I really need him in my life


Can we take the silence away?

Can we know love is here to stay?

Can we see we are meant to be?

Can we feel love between you and me?


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