I’m still here…

I haven’t posted for over a week, but I’m still here ^^
I’ve been catching up reading all your blogs, enjoying the amazing weather, and working on LLFF. LLFF is getting closer and closer to being finished. There are just a few chapters left that need major revising. And then there’s the overview check, and the last details, and the layout, and, and, and…

Well, let’s say I’ll be occupied for a while, finishing LLFF =)

I promise you I’ll write a longer post next time, but for now this is it… ^^


4 thoughts on “I’m still here…

    • True indeed! ^^
      But since I’ve been working on LLFF for many years already (with large intervals, okay, but still…) I’m really determined to get it finished soon. I won’t rush it of course, but I feel it’s about time this thing is going down ;)


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