Beautiful Blue

Over a month ago, The Silver Poet challenged me to write a story with the following sentence:

“Something told her not to pick this flower, any of the others would be fine, but not this one, there was something about it that just said ‘back off’.”

It took me a while to come up with a story, but here it is now! And if you want to, you can challenge me as well by leaving a sentence below in the comments. I will then attempt to write a story or poem including your sentence… ^^

Feel free to like, dislike, comment, or criticise! =)


Beautiful Blue

When Kaitlynn was taking her daily stroll through the park, she suddenly saw it. It was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen. How long had it been here and how come she had never seen it before? With its heavenly blue colour and magnificently shaped petals, all she could do was gaze in awe. Should she pick it or leave it be? She wanted to show it to everyone she knew, but leaving it here meant it could get trampled, or destroyed by heavy wind or rain, or eaten by animals. On the other hand, if she would pick it and take it home, it would probably wither very soon. Kaitlynn decided to leave the flower where it was for now and visit it again the next day.

That night Kaitlynn couldn’t fall asleep. All she could think about was the beautiful blue flower she had seen in the park. She was afraid to never see it again, or that it might be trampled when she would return the next day. After hours of tossing and turning, Kaitlynn finally fell asleep, dreaming about green pastures full of pretty blue flowers…

Kaitlynn awoke early the next morning and immediately jumped out of bed. Today she would go to the park again to see the beautiful blue flower again! After a quick breakfast, Kaitlynn hurriedly made her way to the park. Luckily the blue flower was still there. She was hesitant to get close to the flower, there was this strange aura of mystery around it. Something told her not to pick this flower, any of the others would be fine, but not this one, there was something about it that just said ‘back off’. Despite its beautiful colour and amazing petals, it also looked quite dangerous. It was so different from the other, regular flowers. Kaitlynn stood staring at the flower for a while, and then walked home again, looking back over her shoulder regularly as the flower became a little dot and eventually disappeared from her sight.

The next day, Kaitlynn couldn’t help but visit the flower again. It was still there, even looking more beautiful than ever. This time she couldn’t resist and bent over to touch the flower. The moment she touched it, it felt like the ground rose under her feet and she was lifted into the sky. Then everything coloured blue, a blue so bright that she couldn’t see anything else than that shiny blue colour. And suddenly it was all gone, she had returned to the place she had been, right in front of the blue flower with its magnificent petals. Amazed, confused, and disappointed at the same time, Kaitlynn walked home again, pondering over what had happened.

It soon became dark outside and Kaitlynn decided to go to bed. This time she didn’t lie awake for hours, but immediately fell asleep. Again she dreamt of green pastures filled with beautiful blue flowers. But suddenly the blue flowers disappeared from her dream one by one, until only one was left. This single blue flower seemed to stare at her in amazement, wondering why she was there too, doing nothing. Kaitlynn looked around, only to find nothing but empty green fields. When she turned back to the flower, it was gone too.

Heavily sweating, Kaitlynn woke from her sleep. Seeing her dream as a vision, she quickly jumped out of bed and put on some clothes. As fast as she could, she ran to the park, to the place of the blue flower. Approaching the place where the flower should be, she let out a scream. The flower was gone! All the other flowers were still there, standing there as if there had never been a beautiful blue flower in their midst. Kaitlynn felt her cheeks grow wet and realised she was crying. She couldn’t believe the flower was really gone. Would she ever see such a beautiful blue flower again in her life? Or was it all a dream and had the blue flower never been there?

That night, Kaitlynn dreamt again, of green pastures filled with beautiful blue flowers…


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