Notes, notes everywhere!

While working on LLFF I decided to look into the large folder I compiled over the years. And then there’s also this notebook full of comments and tips to myself on rewriting and editing. And the notes I made in the past few weeks in the digital file. Apparently I have done more research for my book than I had thought. There are pages full of information on hospital policy, flights abroad, and pregnancy. Well, might save me some work… If it’s still up-to-date ^^’ Time to find out!

I hope it does save me some work, but I think it’s rather the other way around. All these extra ‘new-found’ notes probably make me doubt my work even more. At least to the point that I want to recheck it – AGAIN. Well, nothing wrong with being extra thorough, right? ;-) I realise I shouldn’t be too hard on myself, but the perfectionist in me says it can never be good enough. Maybe I should switch off perfectionist-mode for a while… ^^’

I really want to get things done, but that won’t happen overnight… So for now, we just gradually move on: editing and rewriting where necessary. I’ve fallen in love with LLFF again (after years of neglect) and feel determined and extremely motivated. What else do I need? ^^


5 thoughts on “Notes, notes everywhere!

  1. In my opinion, the facts in a work of fiction doesn’t have to be exactly the same as the real facts (though it depends on the genre you write in). Say your setting is Amsterdam. You can make your own Amsterdam. You can bend the real facts and make them your own. Why not… :)


  2. You need cookies!
    I agree with munchkinwrites about “more is better than less”. It gives you a launching pad, so that if you decide to re-write something that requires research you may already have done it. Saves time, and if you didn’t research it yet, maybe you wrote where you got similar information from^^

    Good luck!


    • Haha, it’s all about cookies, right? ^^
      Now that I’m reading my older notes I surely see them as helpful. Apparently wrote down many suggestions for rewriting already years ago ^^ And useful ones as well!
      The research seems sufficient too so saving time it is =)

      Thanks for the support!


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