Difficult to finish…

Four more days have gone by and still I didn’t touch LLFF… I don’t know what’s happening – well, I do actually: nothing! I want to move on with editing, I want to finish it…. I guess… maybe… someday… ^^’

Not much progress so far, and I’m not sure why. I have lots of spare time to write, edit, and finish quite a number of stories. But I can’t even push myself to finish one! And it’s not that I’ve started on new stories or that I’ve written lots of poems. No, the days just passed by and I did nothing, just nothing… 

Maybe I just need some time to rethink it all. But then again, I’ve been working on this story for years now. I must be able to finish it sooner or later. I can’t keep postponing forever =( I just have to open the Word-document and start. I just have to do it. I just……

I could keep telling myself I have to finish LLFF, but I don’t want to force it either. I want to be happy, even while editing. I want to find you in working on it, instead of feeling forced and grumpy. So maybe I do need some more time. Or maybe I need to focus on something else: a new story, writing a few poems, take some photos of the world outside…

Well, LLFF will be finished! Someday… in the near future… I guess… I hope… ^^


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