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Beautiful Blue

Over a month ago, The Silver Poet challenged me to write a story with the following sentence:

“Something told her not to pick this flower, any of the others would be fine, but not this one, there was something about it that just said ‘back off’.”

It took me a while to come up with a story, but here it is now! And if you want to, you can challenge me as well by leaving a sentence below in the comments. I will then attempt to write a story or poem including your sentence… ^^ Continue reading

LLFF – again ^^

Just a short post to let you all know I’m still making progress with LLFF… ^^ About 12 of the 33 chapters are finished (for now then) and I’m working on the remaining chapters. Most of them just need some minor rewriting, but there is also major rewriting to do. The 12 chapters I finished for now aren’t probably completely finished (at least not to my perfectionist mind. But I’ve done the editing work I wanted to do on those chapters and I feel like I should leave them for now to focus on the rest, and to get something done ;) Otherwise this story will never be completed… ^^ Continue reading

Step by step…

I’m still making progress with LLFF, and we’re slowly getting there. I’ve done the minor editing and rewriting work, and now I’m working on the larger parts that need rewriting. I’m trying not to add more comments while editing, so I can finish some chapters. But every time I read through my story I find another flaw that needs to be changed. So it sometimes seems like I’m not really moving forward… ^^

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Full of emotions

Head spins around

Thoughts keep coming

Sky filled with clouds Continue reading

Notes, notes everywhere!

While working on LLFF I decided to look into the large folder I compiled over the years. And then there’s also this notebook full of comments and tips to myself on rewriting and editing. And the notes I made in the past few weeks in the digital file. Apparently I have done more research for my book than I had thought. There are pages full of information on hospital policy, flights abroad, and pregnancy. Well, might save me some work… If it’s still up-to-date ^^’ Time to find out! Continue reading

I’m editing and rewriting again! ^^

It is really happening! I just opened the Word file for LLFF and I read through the first chapter. And suddenly I caught myself on editing small parts and processing my comments. I just had to stop for a while and write a short post over here ;-)

I hope the motivation will last a while now, so I will be able to finish some chapters. Wish me luck! ^^
And for all the other writers out there with a writer’s (or editor’s) block! You will finally get there! Took me weeks as well to restart again (and before that even years…). So don’t give up just yet! Good luck!