I’ve started editing my ‘book’ again after letting it fade away for a few years. I still feel it could really turn into a book, but there’s a lot of work to do before I’ll even get close to that. I’m reading through it right now, commenting on it as if I were the reader instead of the author. I’m at chapter 4 and already found a few plot holes that I really need to fill. Not to mention the extremely lovey-dovey stuff I certainly need to rewrite (it’s so obvious I wrote this when I was young and innocent XD)…


So, much work to do, but I’m all excited again! I’ll certainly be busy for a while now, but that won’t stop me from posting here. Don’t you worry! I’ll stick around and hope to post other stories and poems as well while working on the really big story ^^

My current working title is LLFF which stands for Life, Love, Fun & Friends. It’s not really amazing, but since I already have plans for a sequel (my mind is so weird – first one isn’t even finished and I want to write a sequel!) I might keep it as the name of the series and then come up with a subtitle for each part of the series or something… But for now, LLFF will do, and it’s an easy abbreviation to work with, haha ;-)

I’ll give you guys an update of my progress soon!

All the best ~


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