In the silence of the moment…

I haven’t written a new poem again since ‘Darkness’, but found this one in my “archive”, and felt like sharing it with you. I hope to post a new poem or story soon, but it seems like my muse is on a holiday (or maybe it’s just too hot to think clearly ^^).

Feel free to like, dislike, comment or criticise! =)


In the silence of the moment

When I drift away

Far away in thoughts

To the place I want to stay


Moving further from the world

Flying into the sky

Feelings so adorable

Tell me how, tell me why?


Can’t stop this lovely moment

This floating on my mind

Straight to my target

Although scared what to find


My thoughts keep flying

But they’ll come to an end

When found what I was looking for

I will stop and stand


(September 2008)


5 thoughts on “In the silence of the moment…

    • Thanks ^^
      Haha, I think I had a crush on someone when I wrote this poem. Makes you feel adorable while flying through the skies apparently… xD Certainly had my head in the clouds while writing this ^^


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