Childhood stories…

While trying to find inspiration for some new stories, I was browsing through the stories I wrote years ago… I found the most funny, amazing, horrible, and embarrassing things ^^

For example, a story about a giant duck that would eat a smaller duck, and all this was witnessed by a baby girl. Really?! Or a story about the everyday life of quintuplets (I recall watching a TV-show about quintuplets when I was young, so that might have been the inspiration for this story…). And then the stories about me and my friends… Or the stories I wrote together with my friend about ghosts, zombies, relationships, friends, and other monsters called ‘Een romantisch griezelverhaal’ (‘A romantic horror story’). We were in our early teens at the time we wrote those stories, and apparently we knew everything about relationships and romance XD Let’s just say we wrote very interesting stories ^^

I also found ‘my book’. I started writing the story in 2006/2007, but then let it be. In 2008 I started editing it a little and finished it (33 chapters, over 120 pages). Then I left it alone again, until 2010, when I started editing again. And for the third time I stopped the writing and editing process. I feel like restarting it again. It will sure need quite some editing, and it will cost a lot of work. But I still feel like it has got some potential to actually make it into a book. It’s in Dutch, so it won’t be of much use to share it with you guys here, but maybe I will eventually translate it in English as well, if I ever finish the Dutch version, that is ^^ I’ve got ideas for a sequel as well, but let’s first finish part 1 ;-)

I’m curious about your childhood stories! What did you write about when you were young(er)? Strange monsters and unreal relationships, like me? Or something completely different? Let me know! =)


5 thoughts on “Childhood stories…

  1. I never wrote any story in my childhood. I even had no interests in literature. It was until 2009, when I, in frustration, decided to be a writer, that I wrote my first story (which was rejected by 15 publishers lol). So I don’t really have an answer to your question. What I can say is good luck on finishing your book. :)


  2. I’m a storyteller at heart, so I spent more time telling and weaving than actually writing. “Death by Peanut Butter” is, by far, my weirdest (written) tale. A birthday card made out of PB, that sings opera, dances and follows you around. Yikes. Don’t know what possessed me.


  3. I didn’t do much writing as a kid, except for anything I had to write in English class. My writing interest came much later in life. I do remember though, a short story I wrote when I was around 12 called Voyage of the Space Beagle. I’ve always loved sci fi. I wish I still had this story kicking around as I’d love to read it now to see how bad it really was lol. It was pretty much all plot and no character. I do rememer showing it to a friend who seemed to enjoy it. Maybe it wasn’t as bad as I think it was.


    • “Voyage of the Space Beagle”, hmm, sounds interesting ;-) Such a pity you haven’t got it anymore…
      I’m almost afraid to share my ‘old’ stories with anyone else. I personally think they are really bad (except for the ‘book’ one)… I also have the stories from primary school somewhere, but those are even worse ^^
      But then again, I’ve always been a perfectionist who will always find a flaw (or a lot of flaws) in her own work… So it might be that I wrote something that’s actually not that bad, but that I’m just too harsh on myself ;-)


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