So much to do, and yet nothing…

I have an incredibly long holiday (around 3 months), and I’m already out of options on what to do =(

The photos I got printed are already in their album, my books are neatly ordered, everything I could reorganise has been reorganised, no important emails to send, nothing to arrange or take care off really – I’m lost. I just don’t know what to do! The weather is great outside and I love reading, but reading all day long while enjoying the sun gets kind of boring too after a few days…

I know, I know, I shouldn’t complain. Three months of nothing-ness are amazing, especially when the weather is great. But I just feel like doing something useful as well, instead of doing nothing all day long. It just gets…. well, yeah… boring!

So here I am, waiting for something to do… Sounds pathetic, right? Any helpful tips maybe? ^^


8 thoughts on “So much to do, and yet nothing…

  1. You could play around in the kitchen and experiment with different cuisines, techniques, foods and chemistry. Or, you could start doing yoga and meditate. That’ll give your day a “form” of some sort.
    And, of course, you could post some more stories…^^


    • Sounds like a great idea… A friend of mine also wanted to experiment with cooking, so maybe we could try some new dishes or do some baking together ;-)
      And the stories and poems will keep on coming, don’t worry about that ^^ I’m looking for other options NEXT TO writing ;-)


  2. I’m impressed you are that well organised, I could find you plenty of jobs. ;) My suggetsion – how about wandering down to the library and offer to do some story reading or pop in on the local play group and help bring words alive in another way and help to inspire the next generation.


    • Thanks for the tips!
      I’ve been thinking about starting to learn playing guitar… But my budget doesn’t really allow me to buy one, so that has to wait for a while ^^ Writing a book sounds like an awesome idea… Now to find the inspiration (well, there’s enough of that – but it has to make sense as well :P)…


      • I wouldn’t wait for the inspiration. Write like a lunatic, then edit out all the nonsense when completed. As Hemingway said.. The first draft of anything is always shit. Hm, perhaps a ukulele or harmonica? Both pretty affordable and transportable.

        Good Luck with whatever you decide though!


        • True! It’s indeed better to write down whatever comes to mind and edit later… Never know what might spring from that ;-)

          Thanks! I think I’ll stick to writing for a while then ;-) Hope you have a great summer too ^^


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