Gone, to Never Return Again…

A while ago I posted a challenge and got a few reactions.
One of them came from bardictale, the other from The Silver Poet (you should check out their blogs as well!).

I have now used bardictale’s sentence in a story, while I’m still figuring out what to do with the sentence The Silver Poet gave me ;-) The sentence from bardictale was the following: “Here he was, gliding in the air, wondering how he got there in the first place.” And this is the story that I wrote… I was planning on posting it tonight, but since I already finished it, why wait? Enjoy!

Feel free to like, dislike, comment or criticise! =)


Gone, to never return again…

It was a bright sunny afternoon and it was pretty crowded in the park. Everyone wanted to enjoy the sun. He was no exception; every time the sun peeked through, he would be in the park as well. Children running around playfully while their parents would relax on a nearby bench or lay down in the grass, dogs fetching a tennis ball their owners just threw or swimming in the pond to cool off – it just made him smile. Being in the park made him happy, and he wouldn’t want to miss it. His friends would always join him and together they would enjoy the view of all those happy people in the park.

But it was different now, one of his friends had gone away and they had never seen or heard from her again. Even though the sun was shining and there were so many laughing, happy people in the park, they still felt the emptiness that she had left behind. It wasn’t the same without her. She was definitely the prettiest and most joyful one of the whole group and now she was gone. Gone, to never return again.

It had happened before that one of their friends had left, but they never expected her to go. She was always there for them, telling jokes and making you laugh whenever you felt sad, listening to you whenever you felt the need to talk. Life wasn’t the same without her. They still couldn’t believe she was really gone.

Everyone was laughing around him, having fun, but he couldn’t even get a little smile on his face. He was thinking about the day she left them, and it made him feel so extremely sad he wanted to cry. He couldn’t believe that she did this; after all they had been through. They had shared so many beautiful moments together, moments he would never forget. But now she wasn’t there anymore to relive those moments with him. It was all over now.

Suddenly he felt someone pulling at him. He looked down and saw a little girl clinging to him tightly. Was this the day he had always feared? Was this the time he had to leave as well? Leave his friends to never return again, just like she had done? He didn’t want to think about it, but at the same time he couldn’t stop thinking about it either. It was time. He closed his eyes tightly and drifted away in his mind.

When he opened his eyes again, his surroundings had changed. The laughing, happy people had disappeared as well as the little girl, and all he could see were clouds and the blue sky. Here he was, gliding in the air, wondering how he got there in the first place. Then it occurred to him: even though the sun shone brightly, there had also been a strong wind that day. The girl must have been unable to hold onto him because of it, causing him to be blown up into the sky. He looked down again while gliding higher and higher, leaving nothing more behind than the tears streaming down the little girl’s face…


7 thoughts on “Gone, to Never Return Again…

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  2. I really like the flow of your writing! I also admire the way you imbeded my sentence naturally in the story. It didn’t feel forced and it felt like the story came to it naturally^^


    • Thank you so much, bardictale! I’m really happy to hear you liked it. =)
      I just hope that everyone understands where it is about, because I didn’t really mention it (what I initially planned to do). Thanks again for your kind words! ;-)


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