Reliving Memories

Not a recent poem (I’m sorry!) but nevertheless one I want to share with you. I wrote this poem after I started falling in love with someone. We had shared some romantic moments together already, but a steady relationship was quite out of the question then due to some personal problems from both sides. We did get together some months later, but it wasn’t a long-lasting relationship though… No matter how heartbroken I was back then, I can look back with a smile on my face now when reading the many poems I wrote at that moment ;-)

Feel free to like, dislike, comment, or criticise =)


I keep reliving memories

Don’t want them to fade away

I want to go back in time

Wishing love was there to stay


I can’t deny the feelings

I have deep down inside

Why can’t time stand still?

Nothing seems to turn the tide


I don’t know what to think

About the problems going on

I want to change it all

But I am not that strong


The memories make me dream

The feelings make me fly

Although problems make it hard

I can’t let this love pass by


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