Ministeck! =)

Looney Tunes Ministeck (June 2008)

Looney Tunes Ministeck (June 2008)

I was browsing through my old photos to see if there was anything worth posting. And then I found this one! It seems ages since I have made something with Ministeck. When I was younger, I made the most beautiful (in my eyes, that was) creations with these minute colourful building blocks. Even a whole series of Looney Tunes characters!

Now that I’ve found this photo, I almost feel the urge to fetch the large amount of boxes filled with Ministeck and put my mind in creativity mode again. But then again, I probably need to take the tiny things out first to be able to do something. I’ve always been way too lazy to empty more plates than was necessary ;-) So I don’t expect to find a cleared plate up there… Luckily I have lots of other things to do ^^

But back to the old photos… I posted some of them in a gallery for you all to see. I know they’re snow pictures, but I couldn’t find anything else I thought worth sharing. The photos I made were either containing me or my friends, or they were just too bad to put up here. The few nature photos I could find were of snow. Apparently I don’t bother taking photos of a bright shining sun or something ;-)

I hope to add more photos soon (no snow photos, I promise). In the meantime, let me know what creations you have made with Ministeck, or if you even know Ministeck at all… ^^ Maybe we can share some patterns to make, or other tips and tricks… =)


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