Shine Bright Like a Diamond…

Well, not exactly like a diamond, more like a ruby then… Yes, once again I’m as red a tomato, or a strawberry, or a ruby – whatever you like.

I agreed to meet up with some friends today; two of them I hadn’t seen for a long time. Not that I really regretted it, but it was kinda nice to see each other again. (There are just these friendships that come and go.) We were heading for the beach, since it finally seemed to be summer out here. Sun shining bright – lovely weather for sure.

I always have the tendency to sunburn very quickly. And this time wasn’t any different. Just after a few minutes, I saw my shoulders change from a vague brownish tint to a reddish colour. But I ignored it – as always – and lay down on a large green towel to enjoy the sun and the peace and tranquillity (it was really quiet on the beach for a change). I felt the sun burn down on me, but I felt so relaxed that I still ignored it. I finally could lay down and let my thoughts run free without interruption, and the waves in the background only made it better. Two of my friends were enjoying the water, while the other one had the same idea as me – enjoying the sun. I have laid there for a few hours – I did turn once in a while – so you probably can guess what colour I am now. No, not the reddish colour, but bright – very bright – red. And not only on my shoulders too…

It might get painful tomorrow or the day after, but I don’t really care. The boundaries from skin to clothes are clearly visible (bright red – neon white), but whatever… For me, the most important thing is that I had the opportunity to relax in a way I hadn’t done in a long time. I feel so relaxed now – I feel great! =)

Sometimes we all just need such a moment – some time to reminisce about times gone by, or daydream about the future. It gives you the opportunity to relax completely, and it sure worked for me! Only maybe next time I should do this in the shadow instead of in the burning hot sun ^^’ But then again, I want to enjoy the summer while it’s still here. Nothing wrong with shining bright like a diamond, just don’t take it too literally. But don’t worry. I’ll be fine. More than fine. I’m relaxed now ;-)


2 thoughts on “Shine Bright Like a Diamond…

    • Haha, thanks, I will… The redness is long gone now, and it feels much better now (only incredibly itchy ^^) Ruby is indeed a nice colour, though I think I prefer to see a real ruby then instead of seeing the extreme red colour on my skin again. It has been a long time since I was thát sunburned, and I hope it doesn’t recur too often ^^


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