The way out…

I’ve never been to this place before; it’s completely new to me. It smells awkward in here, like burned meat. Searching the walls with my hands I walk farther into the darkness. Then, all of a sudden, I see a flash of light, far away. After that, darkness again, but the light has struck me.

I walk towards the place where the flash must have come from. As I come closer I hear murmurs. Maybe there are people who know how to get out of here. Maybe it IS the way out.

I begin to walk faster and faster, not paying attention to all the stuff I might stumble over in this dark place. There it is again! The flash of light. The room I’m in gets a spooky glow, but then everything’s dark again. I keep on walking to find the source of the light. I know I’m close now, because the light was so much brighter when I saw it for the second time.

Suddenly I bump into something; I can’t go any farther, I’m stuck. I try to find a hole, a gap where I can climb through. But I can’t find an escape although I keep on searching the obstacle in front of me with my hands. Then I notice the light again, but now it’s coming from behind. I turn around and look right into it. The flash of light is a flashlight! I look up, but blinded by its beams I can see nobody. “Hello?” I say, waiting for a reaction. No answer. I want to shout louder, but then there’s a hand on my mouth and something blunt against my head. I feel myself getting weak and suddenly it’s darker than ever…


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