One more night

One more night

Here alone

On my own


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Reading, rewriting, checking, and rewriting again… (LLFF {Part 3})

The past three days have been full of reading my story, LLFF. I’ve been working on it in Word and added a comment every time I disliked something, got confused, or felt like it needed rewriting. I managed to get a total of 548 comments on the whole story, which is 119 pages. Today I started working on processing the comments, and I brought them down to 180. The ones that are still left are those about major rewritings or things I really need to do research on. But I’m on my way, and I love it! This thing is going down! =)

In my previous post I mentioned I would try to translate a small part of it into English. (The whole story is in Dutch, which makes it difficult for most of you to read and understand it…) I picked a part and tried to translate it. Continue reading

LLFF {Part 2}

The past few days I’ve been working on LLFF non-stop.  Instead of getting tired of all the things that need to be rewritten, added or left out, I actually start to like it more and more =) I’m almost finished with reading the whole story (120 pages) and adding my comments. And then it’s time for really rewriting it! That will probably take more than three days, but I’m so motivated right now!

I feel really sorry that I can’t share some of it with you since it is in Dutch. You wouldn’t understand much of it XD I could try translating a part of it into English and post that, but of course it’s not entirely the same…

Well, no more boredom for me, that’s for sure! LLFF, here we go =)


I’ve started editing my ‘book’ again after letting it fade away for a few years. I still feel it could really turn into a book, but there’s a lot of work to do before I’ll even get close to that. I’m reading through it right now, commenting on it as if I were the reader instead of the author. I’m at chapter 4 and already found a few plot holes that I really need to fill. Not to mention the extremely lovey-dovey stuff I certainly need to rewrite (it’s so obvious I wrote this when I was young and innocent XD)…

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Sharing Love

While listening to the song “Lakshmi” by My Sleeping Karma this evening, words suddenly popped up in my head and I just had to write them down. It sort of corresponds to the rhythm of the first part of the song, although not entirely maybe… You can read the poem in any rhythm you like ;-)

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Where you are

I’ll always be

I don’t know what

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In the silence of the moment…

I haven’t written a new poem again since ‘Darkness’, but found this one in my “archive”, and felt like sharing it with you. I hope to post a new poem or story soon, but it seems like my muse is on a holiday (or maybe it’s just too hot to think clearly ^^).

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In the silence of the moment

When I drift away

Far away in thoughts

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Childhood stories…

While trying to find inspiration for some new stories, I was browsing through the stories I wrote years ago… I found the most funny, amazing, horrible, and embarrassing things ^^

For example, a story about a giant duck that would eat a smaller duck, and all this was witnessed by a baby girl. Really?! Or a story about the everyday life of quintuplets (I recall watching a TV-show about quintuplets when I was young, so that might have been the inspiration for this story…). And then the stories about me and my friends… Or the stories I wrote together with my friend about ghosts, zombies, relationships, friends, and other monsters called ‘Een romantisch griezelverhaal’ (‘A romantic horror story’). We were in our early teens at the time we wrote those stories, and apparently we knew everything about relationships and romance XD Let’s just say we wrote very interesting stories ^^

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