15 facts about me

1. I’ve been writing for over 7 years now, more seriously for about 3 years.

2. Even though I started this blog, my parents and other family still don’t know about my writing and not about this blog either. I only told a few good friends and my boyfriend. Still scared, I guess…

3. I have over 500 books, but still have to read more than half of them. I keep buying them

4. I really want to start a band or join a choir or singing group, even though I know my voice isn’t perfect. But I just love to sing! (And hey, there’s always singing lessons! ^^)

5. I’m afraid of heights. It’s not that bad, I can walk the stairs without any problem and so on. But don’t ask me to climb a mountain, cause that’s just too much…

6. I’d love to get published someday, whether it is an actual book or a poetry collection.

7. I wish I was more creative in another field than writing, for example, making my own clothes or baking or even singing or playing guitar/piano.

8. I’m my own worst critic. It took me quite a while to feel confident enough to just post here on WordPress without checking everything again and again. I’m just an extreme perfectionist.

9. I have another (silly) blog with a friend that won’t be mentioned here. Ever. Again.

10. I’m seriously addicted to watching series. Especially the medical ones and the crime series.

11. I always seem to “fall in love” with the older guys in series or a film. I just don’t know why…

12. I like cats. (But don’t have one myself. Yet.)

13. I still have way too much stuffed animals (and still buy them too sometimes ^^)

14. I like to put on some awesome music, sing along and crazy dance when (I think) no one is watching ^^

15. I want my own (extremely large, dusty, film-like) library later… With ladders and all to reach the highest shelves.



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